Would You Hire Barack Obama?

We have taken information from Wikipedia, a nutural source, and posted his resume here. Take it from the perspective of an employer before his presidency and ask yourself, “Would you hire this man.” If so, what do you feel he is qualified to do?

How Many People Has He Ever Managed?

One Response to “Would You Hire Barack Obama?”

  • Martin:

    Would You Hire This Man?
    Military Experience: None
    Experience in Economics: None
    Experience in Business Management: None

    Barack Obama is not qualified to run a local community college, much less the United States of America. Take a look at his resume. Keep in mind, during the time he was the leading force in the Senate portrayed below, he was busy writing a book about himself. Where do you think his focus was?

    He has no experience in the workforce other than that of a “professor” or an attorney. In both cases he held captive audiences. Now this man leads the most powerful economy in the world. We’ve got to get him out!

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